Commissioned by Richard and Delilah Rudolph of the Quest Academy, this piece traces the musical evolution of the pan in 3 movements: 1. Tamboo Bamboo/Metal and Tin, 2. Old Time Pan, 3. Modern Steel Band


The Tamboo Bamboo/Metal and Tin section is flexible and can be adapted for a variety of instruments. The Old Time Pan section is based on instruments sold by Mannette Musical Instruments in their Historical Series, although they can be adapted for any pans. Please see the program notes above for more info. (NOTE: Tamboo Bamboo sounds are substituted with metal sounds on the reference recording.)


Duration: 7:00

Style: soca

Level: medium-advanced


Instrumentation: tenor pan, double tenors, double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans, drumset, and various percussion.

PDF score and parts