Caribbean Collage

Commissioned by Richard and Delilah Rudolph for the Quest School of Music, this piece was designed as a vehicle to teach various Caribbean styles. It's like having 4 tunes in 1! The thematic material is arranged in 4 different variations: soca, calypso, reggae, and cha-cha. Each variation can be played as a short tune or the variations can be put together in any combination. This gives the teacher maximum flexibility to tailor the piece to the needs of the students based on the instructional time available and experience level of the ensemble.


Duration: 4:33

Style: soca, calypso, reggae, cha-cha

Level: easy

Personnel: 5+

Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors, double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans. The engine room consists of drumset, percussion 1 (iron, timbales), percussion 2 (congas), percussion 3 (cowbell, tambourine, guiro)

PDF score and parts