Black Beans and Rice

Frijoles negros, or black beans and rice, is a traditional cuban dish. Black beans are cooked with onions and green peppers in a mixture of spices including garlic, cumin, olive oil, salt and pepper. This piece features the classic cha-cha feel and includes rhythmic punctuations and stop time in the B section. Give a member of your ensemble an added challenge of learning a key engine room component of this style...the guiro! Performers and audiences alike will enjoy the infectious groove.


Duration: 2:07

Style: cha-cha

Level: easy


Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors (optional), double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans. The engine room parts include drumset, and optional timbale and conga parts.


*Also available as part of the specially priced collection: Pan Recipes: Style Studies for Steel Band

PDF score and parts