Commissioned by Michael Davies for the Prairie Point Middle School and Ninth Grade Academy Percussion Ensemble, Megalodon is a dark and menacing work about the gigantic prehistoric shark. Written for 8 players with an optional 9th part, the piece uses primarily non-pitched percussion instruments including sounds such as ceramic tiles, metal pipes and glass create a unique sound palette. The primary thematic material is borrowed from a rhythmic motive in the Dance of the Adolescents from Stravinsky's masterpiece, The Rite of Spring.


Duration: 2:43

Level: medium-easy

Personnel: 8-9

Instrumentation: snare drum, concert toms (2), timpani (2), concert bass drum, ceramic tiles (2), metal pipes (2), glass bottles (2), tam-tam, LP vibratone, medium suspended cymbal, large suspended cymbal, ratchet, and ocean drum (optional)

score and parts