Chips and Salsa
A play on the double meaning of the word Salsa; the tomato based sauce found in Latino cooking commonly used a dip for tortilla chips, and a type of music and dance born in New York City combining Afro-Cuban and jazz styles. ... (Read More)
A Brazilian steakhouse in which various meats are brought to the table on skewers and cut to order. Patrons have a two sided token with green and red sides to indicate whether they are ready for more. This tune is written in the bossa nova s ... (Read More)
Clara's Smile
 A happy tune dedicated to my daughter that weaves its way between calypso, soca and rock styles. The piece features a short optional solo section and some challenging lines for the leads during the chorus section. The remaining parts are fa ... (Read More)
Coconut Shrimp
Fresh shrimp are fried in a batter made of eggs, flour, salt, pepper, and coconut flakes. This tune is an uptempo calypso based on the chord changes to Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm." The double seconds and guitars get to play mel ... (Read More)
Hungarian Rhapsody, no. 2
A "bomb" arrangement of the famous Franz Lizst composition featuring a lead pan soloist. Many people will recognize this piece from the famous Bugs Bunny cartoon "Rhapsody Rabbit." The tempo increases throughout generating excitement to the ... (Read More)
Jerk Chicken
The “jerk” seasoning commonly found in Jamaica is typically used on chicken or pork and is a dry rub consisting primarily of allspice and hot peppers and often includes: cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, garlic, and salt. This tune has a "swi ... (Read More)
Layin' it Down
Duration: 3:00 Style: contemporary rock Level: medium Personnel:5+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors (optional), double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans. The engine room parts include drumset and opti ... (Read More)
Rondo Alla Turca
A "bomb" arrangement of the famous Mozart composition in a Mambo style. Features a lead and timbale soloist.   Duration: 4:05 Style: Mambo Level: medium Personnel: 10+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), ... (Read More)
Strength in You
Duration: 2:23 Style: calypso funk Level: medium Personnel: 5+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors (optional), double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans, drumset, and percussion (optional). ... (Read More)
Sugar Rush
  A driving, high energy ska tune, Sugar Rush, is a great choice to open your next gig or concert.   Duration: 2:38 Style: ska Level: medium Personnel: 5+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double ... (Read More)
Summer Rain
A programmatic piece in 3/4 time, this piece depicts a gentle summer rain which develops into a thunderstorm. Chopsticks are utilized to create the sound of rainfall. Duration: 2:48 Style: contemporary/waltz Level: medium ... (Read More)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
A "bomb" arrangement of the Christmas classic. Includes a timbale feature.   Duration: 2:08 Style: soca Level: medium Personnel:8+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors, double seconds, tr ... (Read More)

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