El Jalapeno Picante
Literally meaning “The Spicy Jalapeno, " Jalapeno peppers have become a part of many American dishes but originally come from Latino cooking and are found all over South America. This cha-cha utilizes a blues chord progresson and features a ... (Read More)
A hearty black bean stew using various smoked meats such as pork, beef, and sausage. Feijoada has been described as the National Dish of Brazil. The harmony for this tune is based on the ii-V-I chord progression commonly found in jazz and pop mu ... (Read More)
Commissioned by Richard and Delilah Rudolph of the Quest Academy, this piece traces the musical evolution of the pan in 3 movements: 1. Tamboo Bamboo/Metal and Tin, 2. Old Time Pan, 3. Modern Steel Band   The Tamboo Bamboo/Meta ... (Read More)
Something Else
Duration: 5:02 Style: contemporary 7/4 Level: medium-advanced Personnel:6+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors, double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans. The engine room parts include drumset and optiona ... (Read More)
A high energy jam, Sunburst is a bright, driving work that creates rhythmic interest by utilizing 5 and 7 note groupings and a dotted-quarter feel in 3/4 time. The B-section provides contrast with a half-time groove and echo phrases between ... (Read More)

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