Cheese Fries
A popular fast food dish consisting of french fries covered in cheese and often augmented with other ingredients such as bacon bits, jalepeno slices, or chives. This piece is a simple rock tune that sounds more difficult than it is. A great ... (Read More)
Clara's Smile
 A happy tune dedicated to my daughter that weaves its way between calypso, soca and rock styles. The piece features a short optional solo section and some challenging lines for the leads during the chorus section. The remaining parts are fa ... (Read More)
Hocus Pocus
A chilled out 16th note rock feel, this tune was written for my father. The piece is a great vehicle for developing roll technique and the low pans get to take the melody in the "B section." The simple chord progression provides a nice oppor ... (Read More)
Layin' it Down
Duration: 3:00 Style: contemporary rock Level: medium Personnel:5+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors (optional), double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans. The engine room parts include drumset and opti ... (Read More)
Spazzy Magee
This rockin' tune features repetitive figures and a simple form making it ideal for inexperienced groups and young players. Performers and audiences will appreciate the energy of the music while directors will love how quickly it comes toget ... (Read More)
A high energy jam, Sunburst is a bright, driving work that creates rhythmic interest by utilizing 5 and 7 note groupings and a dotted-quarter feel in 3/4 time. The B-section provides contrast with a half-time groove and echo phrases between ... (Read More)
Turkey Sub
The Submarine or “sub” sandwich originated in the Northeast United States in the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries and has become one of the most popular American foods. Built around a funky bass line, Turkey Sub fea ... (Read More)