Black Beans and Rice
Frijoles negros, or black beans and rice, is a traditional cuban dish. Black beans are cooked with onions and green peppers in a mixture of spices including garlic, cumin, olive oil, salt and pepper. This piece features the classic cha-cha f ... (Read More)
Caribbean Collage
Commissioned by Richard and Delilah Rudolph for the Quest School of Music, this piece was designed as a vehicle to teach various Caribbean styles. It's like having 4 tunes in 1! The thematic material is arranged in 4 different variations: so ... (Read More)
Cheese Fries
A popular fast food dish consisting of french fries covered in cheese and often augmented with other ingredients such as bacon bits, jalepeno slices, or chives. This piece is a simple rock tune that sounds more difficult than it is. A great ... (Read More)
Cool Cat
  Duration: 3:25 Style: jazz soca Level: easy Personnel:5+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors (optional), double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans. The engine room parts include drumset and optio ... (Read More)
Ginger Bulla
Ginger Bulla is a Jamaican cake made with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla and ginger. This piece has a straight-eighth reggae feel with the classic "one-drop" groove. The B-section has just enough variety to balance the repetitive phrases ... (Read More)
Hocus Pocus
A chilled out 16th note rock feel, this tune was written for my father. The piece is a great vehicle for developing roll technique and the low pans get to take the melody in the "B section." The simple chord progression provides a nice oppor ... (Read More)
Jingle Bells
A second line version of this holiday classic. Great vehicle for beginning improvisers. Suitable for gig book applications or beginning ensembles.   Duration: 3:02 Style: second line Level: easy Personnel: 5+ ... (Read More)
Pineapple Chow
Chunks of fresh pineapple are marinated in various spices including lime juice, chadon bene (similar to cilantro), garlic, salt, pepper, and hot peppers in this Trini recipe. This tune is a catchy soca in F major and is a great choice for le ... (Read More)
A "bomb" arrangement of Schubert's classic in a Soca style. This arrangement is inspired by an Invaders version recorded on An Enchanted Evening arranged by Anthony Prospect and is attainable for less experienced ensembles.   D ... (Read More)
Spazzy Magee
This rockin' tune features repetitive figures and a simple form making it ideal for inexperienced groups and young players. Performers and audiences will appreciate the energy of the music while directors will love how quickly it comes toget ... (Read More)
Super Soca
This simple tune has just enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. The accessible rhythms and chord structure make this a great choice to introduce the soca rhythm to your band.   Duration: 1:55 Style: soca Lev ... (Read More)
Take it Easy
Duration: 1:52 Style: calypso Level: easy Personnel:5+ Instrumentation: tenor pan (lead), double tenors (optional), double seconds, triple guitars, bass pans. The engine room parts include drumset and three optional p ... (Read More)
Turkey Sub
The Submarine or “sub” sandwich originated in the Northeast United States in the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries and has become one of the most popular American foods. Built around a funky bass line, Turkey Sub fea ... (Read More)

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