Pan Recipes - Style Studies for Steel Band COMPLET
All eleven charts in the set at a discounted price. Package includes:       Cheese Fries       Ginger Bulla       Turkey Sub       Black Beans and Rice       Pineapple Chow       Chips and Salsa   ... (Read More)
Sight Reading Workbook for Steel Band - Director's
Director Book: 412 pgs. Excerpt from the Foreward: Performing a piece of music for the first time can be an intimidating experience for a young musician. There are multiple elements to interpret simultaneously including key, me ... (Read More)
Warm-Ups for Steel Band
Warm-Ups for Steel Band includes the following exercises: Roll Round, Roll Chops, Add-On, Chromatic Scale, I-V-I, Calypso 3rds, Double Stops, 4's, and Arpeggios. Everything you'll need to develop tone, technique, and ensemble skills with you ... (Read More)